Buy Load has a daily limit of 1000php per recipient

Step 1: Open MEGAPAY app and click BUYLOAD.

Step 2: Enter Phone number or Account number for Kuryente

             load and Cignal prepaid load.

Step 3: You may enter your preferred amount or you may

            choose to REGULAR LOAD, DATA, CALL/TEXT,

            COMBO and GAMING PINS.

Step 4: Swipe to BUYLOAD to proceed, then enter your PIN   

             to secure you transaction and click CONFIRM.

Step 5: You will receive load once payment is successful.


There's 5% Cashback on all BuyLoad option.

Minimum and maximum buyload: 

The minimum amount you can BuyLoad is 10php and maximum amount is 1000php

buy LOad other numbers: 

You may buy load other prepaid numbers and you will also get 5% cashback.

buy LOad REFUND: 

If you didn't received the prepaid load for the past 5 minutes, you have to wait for the reversal of the amount. If the amount is not reversed for the past hour, contact us on our Facebook Page or email us at for filing of disputes



Step 1: Open MEGAPAY app and click Pay Bills.

Step 2: Choose the category of your Biller and click the Biller.

Step 3: Enter Bills details (Account Number/Reference Number,

             Account Name, Amount of Bill, Mobile Number). Make sure 

             the details of your bills are correct before you proceed.

Step 4: Swipe to PAY to proceed your transaction

Step 5: Enter your PIN to secure your transaction and click Confirm.

Step 6: You will now receive an email of your Pay Bills transaction.

NOTE: PayBills is capped at 10,000php per transactions except BPI Biller


Posting of bills paid in Megapay will take three (3) to five (5) banking days.


Megapay user will receive MegaRewards points for every PayBills. 200php of PayBills is equivalent to 1 MegaRewards point.


Once you paid your bills using Megapay, you will receive an email receipt of your transaction. This will serve as proof of your payment of your bills payment. 



Step 1: Open MEGAPAY app and click Cash-in.

Step 2: Enter preferred amount to Cash-in.

Step 3: Select preferred cash-in option.

Step 4: Click confirm to proceed.

Step 5: Enter OTP sent via SMS and click submit.

Step 6: Once transaction is successful, your cash-in will

             reflect on your account.


The easiest way to Cash-in in Megaya is via Debit/Credit Card. 

Service fees for Cash-in

DragonPay : Php20 for every transaction

Over-the-Counter : Service Fee of 2%

*for other options, message us at

Minimum and maximum cash-in

The minimum amount to cash-in is 20php and the maximum amount is 5,000php.


Step 1: Open MEGAPAY App and click

            Scan QR

Step 2: Open recipient’s MEGAPAY

            app. Click QR Code found on

             the top portion of MEGAPAY.

Step 3: Scan the recipient’s QR code

             using your MEGAPAY app.

Step 4: Enter your preferred amount.

             Click Swipe to Send.

Step 5: Enter your PIN to secure your

             transaction and click Confirm.

Step 6: Recipient will receive the           

            money once transfer is


Step 1: Open MEGAPAY app and click

            Transfer Fund.

Step 2: Enter the Recipient mobile

            number, and the preferred


Step 3: Swipe to send and enter your

            PIN to secure your transaction.

Step 5: Recipient will receive the

            money once transfer is






Everytime you BUY LOAD, you will receive corresponding MegaRewards!
Ex. If you BUY LOAD for 100, you will receive 100 MegaRewards!

Everytime your REFERRED FRIEND buys load, BOTH of you will receive MegaRewards!
Ex. If your REFERRED FRIEND buys load for 100, BOTH OF YOU will receive MegaRewards for 100.



Step 1: Open MEGAPAY app and click Redeem
Step 2: Click on the product you want to redeem with your points.
Step 3: Prompt message will appear. Click yes to secure transaction.
Step 4: Once transaction is successful, you will receive an SMS of

            the Product Code and how to claim the purchased item.

HOW TO megarefer


Using Phone Number or Referral Code
While registering on Megapay, your referral my enter your number or the referral code on the Referrer Mobile Number. 

Using Link
Step 1: Open MEGAPAY app and click upper left menu.
Step 2: Choose MegaRefer and share it to your family and friends.
Step 3: Once they’ve sign-up using the link that you’ve shared, you will receive MegaRewards Point for every BuyLoad of your referral.

Using Transfer Fund
Be the first one to transfer fund to your referral to automatically tag him or her as your referral. Any amount of transfer fund will be valid. 


HOW TO buy in stores


Step 1: Open MEGAPAY app and click Store.

Step 2: Select treats you want to purchase then click select.

Step 3: Prompt message will appear. Click yes to secure transaction.

Step 4: Once transaction is successful, you will receive an SMS of the Product Code and how to claim the purchased item.

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